Body improvement techniques ..

Beauty begins on the inside. As mush as love body care products and corrective cosmetics, have to admit that these words are true. If are not eating right, body is the first to show it.

If want a clear, radiant complexion, shiny hair, and strong nails, have to start with what are putting in body.

Eat more chicken

It’s important to get enough protein throughout the whole day. Make sure are getting enough of that on every meal, not just in one big dinner. It’s important to pick the right snacks as well. Try nut butter, hummus, different vegetables and fruits.

Go green

Green tea is an amazing as it helps stay hydrated, but in the same helps the body get rid of toxins. A great replacement for coffee. Aim for organic varieties without added sugar or preservatives for the best results.

Skipping meals

body needs enough minerals to stay fresh. Forget missing meals – stick to a mix of protein, brown rice, rye bread and quinoa and lots of vegetables at every meal. And try to include vitamins C,E and as well as olive oil in meals.

And more..

Everything might need for a perfect-looking body might be hiding in kitchen.

People have used home products for years to treat their body and hair and it has shown great results, so why stop?

Everything need for a quick face mask or scrub might be right there in kitchen.

Olive oil

Like a lot of these edible beauty products, olive oil can work its magic on a lot of areas. It can substitute for expensive oils, making body as soft as ever. It's a makeup remover that also works as a moisturizer. It's especially good on those dry areas and the delicate body around eyes.


If need a little extra moisturizing punch in dry areas rub on a thin layer of honey and let it sink in for a while before wipe it off. It's a little sticky but it's especially great for body and even the lips. It's also got lots of nutrients and antioxidants that feed body and make it look fresh and beautiful.


Probably heard this before simply because it does work.
If had too little sleep, and it's starting to show with dark circles and puffiness around eyes, place a slice of cucumber on each eye and lay back to let it work its magic on the body.

Natural beauty moisturizer

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